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Dear Readers,

Welcome to the first installment of the Dayton Literary Peace Prize (DLPP) Newsletter. While we have been connecting with our readers for years through our website and through our Facebook page, we are now reaching out with a newsletter that will help to keep our readers up-to-date on upcoming DLPP events, profiles of our authors and judges, information on former winners, and articles of interest to readers of quality literature that promote peace.

The May/June 2017 issue of Poets and Writers, the leading magazine for writers and readers, features the Dayton Literary Peace Prize as one of five “Contests with Vision: Prizes with a Focus on Social Justice” that “help to promote a more just and equitable world.” Each of the five awards was asked to submit its vision and goals to Associate Editor Dana Isokawa. The DLPP description below will be available to the 1,000,000 + readers a year throughout the world served by Poets and Writers.

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Poets & Writers

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In Dayton, Ohio, words brokered a Peace Accord, ending the violence in the Balkans and saving thousands of lives. In that same spirit, the Dayton Literary Peace Prize (DLPP) is dedicated to supporting those who write, publish, read, and share books that advance peace. Our criteria focus on the subject of peace, broadly defined as increasing harmony and understanding between and among people, addressing peace as it applies to individuals, families, communities, nations, ethnic groups, cultures, and religions.

Over eleven years, we have honored established and emerging writers representing seventeen countries whose books have settings and characters from around the globe. Writer after writer has remarked that through literature, readers experience the empathy that can shift the tide from violence, aggression, fear, intolerance, injustice, and the love of power that lead to war, to tolerance and understanding that lead to peace. Barbara Kingsolver described empathy as developing “like a muscle—it strengthens with use.” It is through literature that we realize our shared humanity, a realization essential to any genuine pursuit of peace.

For the DLPP, the awards ceremony is not the end, it is the beginning of our goal of creating the opportunities for writers to share their works through visits to schools, colleges and universities, book clubs, libraries, our Author Series, our website, and social media outreach. The books must be read to be a part of the change we seek. Knowing that readers have been changed by books, it is not such a large step to think that the world could be changed as well. The writers we have honored have fine-tuned our sense of what is acceptable, and more importantly, what is not acceptable.
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We welcome your thoughts and reactions. Please contact Sharon Rab with ideas for future newsletters.


Our 12th annual awards gala will take place November 5, 2017.

Stay tuned for other upcoming events.


Write On!

This feature takes you to recent essays, op-eds or other short pieces published by our authors, or alerts you to new books by and forthcoming events featuring our authors and judges.

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