Fly with the Doves Book Circle Membership

National Library at Sarajevo

You can make a difference in helping spread peace through the written word — the driving mission of the Dayton Literary Peace Prize — when you join DLPP’s new Fly with the Doves Book Circle Membership Program.

Like the Prize itself, this program acknowledges that every voice matters and encourages every person to participate. DLPP currently shares a limited number of winning and nominated books with local schools and universities so educators can incorporate them into their curriculum with students, as well as into their libraries—but we can only do so much without funding. DLPP wants this program to soar locally, nationally, and internationally, and when you join, you can help us reach more people locally and around the world with these powerful works of literature.

The first recipient of books funded by our Dove members was the National Library at Sarajevo’s City Hall in Bosnia. This library, fire-bombed during the Bosnian War, when almost two million books including many rare volumes were destroyed, was restored to its original glory in 2014. We sent a complete set of DLPP awarding-winning books (2006-2016 and beyond) to Bosnia as our gift to them.

For every $25 you contribute when you join, a book will be donated — plus — as a member you will be listed as one of our Doves in the virtual “Fly with the Doves Book Circle” on the DLPP website (coming soon) and in the event program.

How to Join this Program

Please click the button below to make your Fly with the Doves Membership donation through our secure site using a credit card or PayPal - one of the must trusted names in secure, online payments. The Dayton Literary Peace Prize Foundation is a 501(c)(3) organization and the fair market value of the benefits you will receive is not substantial, so this donation will be tax deductible. The DLPP Foundation provides substantiation letters for contributions of $75 and more. Please consult with your tax advisor to confirm. You also will receive a receipt from PayPal to document your contribution, regardless of the amount. We do not store any of your personal financial information on our website.

If you make a one-time membership contribution, please make the amount of your donation a multiple of $25. Or if you prefer, by checking the box on the next page you can make a continuing monthly membership contribution. You can cancel the automatic payments at any time, but automating your donation will help us ensure the continuity of the program benefits. (The minimum monthly amount is $5.00.) Thank you!

Recognition and Anonymous Donations: If you would like to make your donation in honor of or in memory of someone else or if you would like to remain anonymous on our recognition page, please type your request in the area labeled "Comments to the Foundation" on the PayPal page.

Gift Memberships! Now you can make a donation to Fly with the Doves as a gift to honor a friend or family member and we will notify them of your gift. To do this, please provide the name (or names) and contact info of those for whom you are giving the membership in the area labeled "Comments to the Foundation" on the PayPal page.


See Our Current Dove Members

Please click this button to see the current members of our Fly with the Doves Book Circle!

See our current members!

We appreciate your support — it will ensure that the Dayton Literary Peace Prize continues to spread words of peace in the years ahead.

If you have any questions about this program, please contact our program administrator via email.

Thank you!


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